33 Y’all!!!!! When I was a child I imagined my thirties being a hot wife to a hot, tall, dark, and handsome husband with lots of adopted children, and traveling the world saving everyone that needed help. Those of you that know me can laugh now. My life has been one of the biggest shit shows you’ll ever read.  I never imagined my life like this. I never imagined any of my latest circumstances. But here we are….

My thirties started over from many betrayals, lots of abuse, and neglect.  A loss of income, loss of our home, and innocence of my children.  Everything I worked so hard for was gone.  My life savings.  My family.  The life that I deserved was never going to happen. Hopelessness had settled in and wasn’t going anywhere.  I spent a lot of time with God.  Mostly drinking wine and crying on the floor, but hey God meets us where we are.  And my God happened to be on the bathroom floor while I was wine drunk.  God is a big being and can handle it if you want to scream.  He/she/it can handle it if you’re losing it after putting your kids to bed.  And my God had to handle a lot from me. I was at the bottom and needed guidance.  And let me tell y’all, God is so good!……

I still spend time in the bath, drinking wine, and crying over my circumstances, but I spend a lot less time.  And that gives me so much HOPE.  I found love and even though I lost it that gives me HOPE.  My finances are the bomb and that gives me so much HOPE for our future.

I am starting 33 so hopeful of my beautiful future with my beautiful family.   My thirties didn’t start how I imagined as a child, but I am well on my way to ending it as that dream.  I can honestly say I am living my best life.  I know for a fact 33 will be my most favorite year yet.  I can’t wait to see what happens.



“When you stop chasing the wrong things you give the right things a chance to catch you.” -Lolly Daskai