This Sunday will be the 12th Mothers Day I get to celebrate being a mother. I had my first born at 16. Left alone in the hospital every night to hold my precious son and cry alone. I made a mistake. I had unprotected sex. A mistake that I will forever be a sacrifice for. School and friends were no longer an options. At 16 I had set myself for a life of failure. Pressured into abortion, that wasn’t an option for me. I chose to try and right my wrongs the best I could. I loved this little boy with every once of my being and from the day he was born I failed him. It wasn’t fair he was born to a mother with a failed education. I had the hopes, dreams, and love down. I didn’t mind sacrificing my life for him. I had no problems never seeing anyone from school again. I chose him. I chose a life of struggle and pain with him over a life chasing my goals and proms and friends without him. I begged God for a decade to send supernatural favor and opportunities to us bc I had no way of going after them on my own. I prayed over my children and I am very proud of my parenting. My failures to some wouldn’t matter. Love is more important than money they will say. But I want more for them. I wanted land for them to roam and something to pass down. Being a mother so young cripples you. I’ve always had big dreams in my spirit. Bigger than this. How is someone to be the only emotional support for her children, uneducated, and stretched for time to give more to them? Are they forever set back because their mother made unwise decisions? When I had children I had them so I could be their mother. Not someone else. I feel no opportunities here for us. Just 9-5 barely getting by. Paycheck to paycheck. I can’t go back and do life the right way. I don’t want my children to be a statistic because of my mistakes that essentially made life harder since day one. Children of single mothers have a higher rate of drug use, teen pregnancies, etc. because mommy has to work twice as hard. Our personal relationships have a very low success rate because of age. Therefore, our children are raised in broken homes. If we don’t have grandparent help by the time we pay daycare and buy lunch were short $50 at the end of the week. We have the same dreams and hopes for our children any wealthy person has. We just have more heartbreak knowing that unless we have a miracle it won’t happen for our children. We can’t give our kids Disney memories. We can’t give them the education they deserve. I want so much more for them! I want a better education, a higher standing of peers, difference makers that they can grow up with and call on when they’re older to invest in their ideas or help them get a good job through connections. I don’t want mediocre for them. It’s not their fault they were born with the odds against them. The biggest mistakes I made in life are the ones where I believed in someone else and the lies they fed me. Where does that leave me now? A statistic? Absolutely. So far I have raised my children well. They’re good people. To me that’s most important. I have raised boys who are morally sound, gifted, good children without any moral support, more stones thrown than anyone deserves, more lies spread than my children deserve to hear, and more broken promises I can count. I have shown my children good integrity. I have also apologized and asked forgiveness when I didn’t show them that. I live my life through humor and other than my blog don’t open up. Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers! I encourage anyone that owns a business or that’s in a position of power to invest in those mothers. The ones willing to hustle and the dreamers of their children’s future. Invest in them so that their children not be a statistic. So that for generations their children can be blessed. We can always hirer the qualified. I challenge you to hire an unqualified dreamer and make a difference. XoXo

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