Baileys Junior Cotillion

imageToday was Baileys first junior cotillion class.  As I watched him learn how to great a lady, how to seat a lady, how to do a business handshake, how to dance, and the rules on respect for everyone, I cried thinking how great of a young man he is.  I’m proud and thankful that his life will be easier than mine.  He is going to be equipped with all the tools he needs to have a successful life.  He is a Christian young man, he is honest, he is compassionate, he has empathy and integrity, he doesn’t pick on people, and he takes responsibility for his actions.  I’m trying to raise a good future husband, daddy, and successful adult.  In class I was reminded how valuable a woman is and just how much I have allowed people to devalue me.  How men are supposed to stand up when we walk into the room.  They are to cater to us, respect us, value us, and most of all protect us.  They’re supposed to make sure we are safe and warm.  Men are failing women and children.  Mothers are failing raising our children.  We let our children pick on others and judge others for their weight or looks.  We tell our kids about adult issues going on and mold their minds to judge and be disrespectful.  If our children are mean to someone we don’t like we think it’s ok.  It’s not right.  Why are we raising our children to be so average?  Like, if they aren’t in jail later then we have done a good job.  Life is a lot more than not getting caught being a bad person.  What about those that are horrible and not caught?  Ecclesiastes 4:10 Pity anyone who falls and has no one to help them up.  In life we aren’t equipping the next generation to be decent human beings.  Therefore, we aren’t raising people to help anyone up now.  Our friends encourage lies, sleeping around, and doing anything to “make you happy”.  No one watches from a distance then offers a helping hand.  People are out for themselves.  Cotillion teaches that life is now about serving others.  I agree.  Be a helping hand up for someone.  Help families stay together.  Encourage others to give instead of just take.  Encourage strength in integrity.  Bring back respecting women cool 🙂 I really want my children to have a mate later in life with the same outlook.  Mothers and fathers stop making excuses for your children bad behaviors and lies and start caring about their soul and morals.  If you haven’t ever put your child in the junior cotillion class at Decatur Country Club I highly recommend it.  It is a great source to learn respect and manners.  It is a start in the right direction.  It is a really good wake up call on just how far we have fell over the years.

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  1. I am grateful for this article! I have two boys (7&9) and these things are hard to teach them as a mother ! Thanks for sharing

  2. this is a wonderful point! But women are also failing their husbands! And wow you are absolutely beautiful!

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