I love reading all the New Years resolutions on my news feed.  I don’t know about you but I hate all the negativity of people assuming you won’t achieve your goals.  I don’t make big goals but this year I am determined to stop biting my nails and as always to continue taking better care of myself.  As I get older my idea of beauty becomes more of health.  Healthy hair, nails, teeth, and skin is more beautiful to me.  Although I can fake almost anything with makeup 🙂 or hair products.  I have gotten a lot of emails asking what products I use.  Here are my basics.


Nails- My nails are in bad shape from biting and acrylic so Im using NO BITE and that keeps them out of my mouth and NAILTIQUES to repair the damage, and JOSIE MARAN on the cuticle.

Face- I have a simple skin routine.  I use CERAVE or PURPOSE to cleans.  JOSIE MARAN as a moisturizer, KORRES BRIGHTENING SLEEPING FACIAL at night.

Hair- My favorite hair product ever is HERBAL ESSENCE CLEANSING CONDITIONER!  If you’re a fan of WEN or the no poo method I recommend this.  If you’re used to regular shampoo it takes some getting used to but it smells amazing, its not damaging, and doesn’t strip your hair of your natural oils.  I use MACADAMIA NATURAL OIL every two weeks or really when I think about it.  My hair has become so much healthier!

Body- I only use PURPOSE soap.  Its $3.24 a bar at Walmart and difficult to find but I have sensitive acne prone skin and if I use anything else I will break out.

Lips- JOSIE MARAN ARAGAN OIL bc I lose any lip products I buy after a week.

Here is to my NEW YEAR with hopefully beautiful natural nails!

2 thoughts on “START 2015 OFF RIGHT”

  1. I love the macadamia natural oil it’s one of my favs! My face has been really dry here lately I wonder if the Josie maran aragan oil would help with that?

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